14+ Home Decoration Jhumar Pics

14+ Home Decoration Jhumar Pics. (for making beaded jhumar) 1.crystal beads 5mm or 2.pearl beads 5mm 3.circular frame 24cms 4.crystal hanging bells 5.cloth belt / cloth ribbon 6.stitching thread 7.needle 8.scissor 9.glue 10.electric bulb with wire & holder Macrame toran designs cozy home decorating decorating ideas pearl chandelier bathroom chandelier chandeliers door hanging decorations jhumar butterfly tree more information.

Aurora Home Design: home decoration jhumar
Aurora Home Design: home decoration jhumar from i.pinimg.com
There is so much to explore in this word that one can get confused at a point of time as which idea is to be implemented and which is to be left behind. This beautiful jhoomer is made up of wool and with the help of crutia. Whiteray wooden half round shape 5 watt led wall light/wall sconces/for home decoration (pack of 2) by whiteray.

Jhumar is nothing but decorative hanging made up of ribbons, paper, mirror pieces, beads, motifs and other attractive items that are used for decoration purpose.

Paper craft for home decoration | wall hanging ideas | paper flower wall hanging | paper craft. Dazzling chandeliers to dress up your living e most searched products times of india. 4.7 out of 5 stars 147 ratings. Jhumar designs for home with price up to rs 5000 crystal jhoomar.